The opening of Sydney’s newest multipurpose stadium edges closer, with just over 2 weeks until it hosts its first sporting fixtures. The excitement for Sydney’s newest home of sport and entertainment is evident, but what does this mean for the industry and community?

A multi-purpose stadium is a venue that is strategically designed for the use of multiple sports. These venues focus on utilising one facility for a range of functions, such as using less resources for sustainable future operations. In addition, multipurpose facilities centralise offerings of sport and entertainment, unifying the community while saving funds on unnecessary venue development and maintenance.

Allianz Stadium is Sydney’s newest, multipurpose venue, developed for the future of sport and entertainment. Adjacent to the Sydney Cricket Ground, the objective of Allianz Stadium is to provide immersive fan experiences and bring communities together sustainably through sport.[1]

Allianz Stadium is dedicated to set a new standard for stadium sustainability. From adhering to environmental, societal and governance commitments, to recycling 87% of construction waste, the venue has sustainable features at the core of its design.[1] The facility utilises integrated solar panels and water harvesting solutions to reduce waste and carbon emissions, demonstrating the sustainable focus of stadium operations. 

The state-of-the-art design aims to maximise consumer experiences. The venue setup includes steep angle seating
arrangements, located comfortably undercover for 42,500 fans.[2] From an aesthetic perspective, the interior design features Indigenous artwork, which symbolises land and water, as well as paint a picture of country and belonging.[2] The stadium features first class athletic, fitness and
corporate hospitality facilities to give stakeholders a premium experience.

Modelled as the “grander version” of CommBank Stadium, Allianz Stadium is set to be unveiled to the public during a free community open day on Sunday 28th August, before the NRLW and NRL play the first sporting fixtures on Friday 2nd September.[3]

At Events is excited to have our clients attend events at Allianz, as the refurbished hospitality facilities are perfect to ensure our corporate clients have an immerse and enjoyable experience. At Events can assist you with corporate packages (at a sports event, show or concert). 

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